Kawase Hasui

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Honmon Temple_ Ikegami - Kawase  Hasui

Hori river, Obama, 1920

Woodblock Print  
10.5 x 15.25 in

Description: A quiet mood pervades the view of river meeting sea.. outstanding gradations of color draw the eye into the scene, in which each detail of sea, sky and dwellings are exquisitely depicted. An outstanding, and rare early image.

Issued: early autumn, 1920

Edition: first and only

Condition: excellent color and state, small tape in top corners

Signed: in black brush

Sealed: in red diamond Kawase

Special Label: Watanabe

Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo

Series: Souvenirs of Japan, first series, Hotei No. 19

$ 6,800.00

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