Kawase Hasui

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Enoshima - Kawase  Hasui

Enoshima Island, 1953

Woodblock Print  
15 x 20 in


Description: The clear night depicts part of the island of Enoshima as viewed through the railing of an upstairs veranda. This work represents the calendar month of August. In 1953 Pacific Transport Lines Commissioned 500 Calendars, each month represented by one of the artists designs. This is a rare Work from the special edition of which very few remain.

Issued: 1953

Edition: first edition

Condition: excellent The print oak framed with museum glass

Image Size: 10.5 x 15 inches

Sheet Size: 15 x 20 inches

Signed: in black brush

Sealed: in red 'sui'

Special Label: signature and title stamped bottom margin as expected

Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo

Series: 1953 Pacific Transport Lines Calendar

$ 1,800.00

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